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Vinyl Limited 3 Color Edition

Released as an accompaniment to the band's 'concept-movie' 'Through The Never', this album comprises of 15 tracks from Metallica's back catalogue recorded live in 2012. Primarily derived from the first five albums with only three taken from their post-'Black Album' output, namely, 'Reload' and 'Death Magnetic'. Performance-wise the band are outstanding, I would go far as to say that some of the songs sound better than the original. If you are looking for a Metallica live album that is not from the soundboard archives or without the backing of a symphony orchestra then this is ideal.

  • Order from Amazon UK: Metallica - Never [3LP]
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Spin Clean Vinyl Record Washer: Demo & Review

The Lazaretto ULTRA LP released on Third Man Records

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Clean your Records!

Spin Clean Record Washer MKII

The Spin-Clean gets records clean, is easy to use and doesn't cost a fortune. Spin-Clean also takes the effort out of cleaning records, the brushes scrub both sides of the record simultaneously, rollers in the tank keep records safe from damage and the fluid pulls dirt off the record and down to the bottom of the tank. Quick, easy and reasonably priced, now there's no reason not to clean every record in your collection.

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